Coordinated use of colour in your house and garden creates a wonderful living environment.

Whenever you think about the best color themes for your
bedrooms, one of the key factors to consider is how it should make you feel.
You might be a tech savvy kind of a person, or you may be into nature. As such,
the color themes for bedrooms in your house should bring out your personality.

The color themes for bedrooms whether bold, solid or
patterned hues should go hand in hand with the décor in the room so as to
harmonize all the elements in the home. Therefore, the rugs, bed linens, window
treatments, and bedroom accessories should reflect your personality.

1. Creating a Feeling of Space

Use White with Accents

White is an amazing color as it does not clash with
anything in the bedroom. Therefore, if you are looking for color themes for
bedrooms that will create a feeling of space use white. But if you want to
create a dramatic feel in the room, you can paint white and black stripes; you
can even paint an entire wall dark red, emerald green or cobalt blue. The
bottom line is to leave the other three walls completely white.

Expanding a Narrow Bedroom Using Color

Yellow color themes for bedrooms are an incredible way to
create an illusion of space to your room especially if it is narrow. Ensure
that the yellow color is not too dark or too bright. Subtlety is key—you can
use pale creamy yellow, soft banana or a shade of lime are ideal hues to create
an aspect of breadth.

Yellow stripes often create an illusion of space and in
the process make the room appear bigger. You can use a sorbet orange striped
duvet or lime green.

2. Sea Atmosphere Theme

Light green and blue hues are ideal colors that create an
illusion of space and help sooth your mind. You can use sea foam green and
other colors like pink, yellow, blue or white to create a more vibrant look.

The blue color is a fabulous hue that you can use to
create an aura of the sea. You can paint the windows white, have a white
carpet, and in the process, you will create a vintage look that is

3. Feminine Themes

Considering the gender of the occupant in the bedroom is
paramount. To create that feminine look use lavender, peach, lilac, light pink
and mauve to do the magic. The colors may be overwhelming if used alone;
therefore, you can keep things a little bit interesting by using beige, cream
and tan. Window and door frames would also look beautiful if colored in neutral

4. Tranquility Theme

Whenever you visit a spa, there is always that aura of
tranquility, fret not since you can recreate the same feeling in your bedroom.
The brown color has many hues that you can choose from, as such, you can use
warm browns. Neutral colors, for instance, ivory, beige, taupe, black, gray and
shades of white if used together with soothing blue hues can all create that
spa feel and look. For a calming effect, use soft hues of green and add a touch
of shades and a neutral palette to give the room a contemporary look.


5. Adding Style to Your Theme

If you want to have an aura of style to your room, you
can incorporate stencil patterns, stripes, textures and sponge paintings in
your room. The decorating style should not be out of place as attention to
detail is paramount to coming up with a décor that speaks to your soul. You can
achieve a contemporary look through large patterns, geometric shapes, sweeps
and bold stripes. For a traditional look, use smaller painted patterns.

To sum it all up, when looking for color themes for
bedrooms, narrow down on one color shade and decide if it will work with the
natural lighting and size of the bedroom. Some shades may not function in an
adult’s bedroom, for instance, the bright shades. The options may include
painting one wall with the color, using brightly colored duvets, throws or
bright colored lampshades. The better choice would be to incorporate a neutral
color with a hint brightly colored hue. If you want to achieve a sophisticated
look, you can add a hint of black to your bedroom. Many designers advise
against using more than five colors, but the bottom line is that you are the
only one who understands what works for you. Therefore, as you choose color
themes for your bedrooms, let your personality guide you.

Top 5 Tips to Choosing Amazing Color Themes for Your Bedrooms

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